About Us

The year was 1982. I was late for a Chem. final. I thought I could cheat the next light so I gave the ol' '56 some gas and sped up to 70 or so. Just before the point of no return, the light turned yellow. Brake lights ahead! I pushed on the clutch and pressed on the brakes -- NO BRAKES -- pedal drops to the floor. I pumped frantically -- NO BRAKES! The 9" Ford rear had no e-brake cables hooked up. Down shifted the Munci to 3rd. Still going too fast! Downshift to 2nd - bad idea - too much load. The front U-joint gives out -- no drive shaft loop. The drive shaft is pounding the asphalt and floor of the truck. Traffic ahead had come to a stop. Last chance, pitch the ol' Chevy sideways and head into the grape orchards. After a few plants and stakes, the driveshaft digs into the dirt, folds under the axle and snaps the pinion. But, it finally STOPPED.

Thumbing my way up to school, I still had a Chem. final to take. I thought about the physics of hot rodding. No Limit Engineering was born. Maybe brakes and suspension should be as important as tunnel rams and roller cams. I set out to build the best brake and suspension systems for classic trucks and hot rods on the market.

No Limit Engineering has grown for 20 years now. Our team has developed many pioneering changes in hot rodding: front suspension, rear suspension, power brakes, disc brakes, Air Ride, wiring, air conditioning and much more. Our goal is to build the best performing parts for real world rods. We build 'em, we drive 'em, and we test 'em. We know what works - and what doesn't. Our team support is second to none.

Rob MacGregor

Behind The Builder

The temperature creeps around 100 degrees as I pull into the parking lot of a strip mall style complex build purposely for automotive use. In the distance I can hear the sound of racing engines coming from the circle track at the Orange show speedway where the Saturday night racers have begun their qualifying runs for tonight’s main event. As I open the door to my truck, I feel the heat, and smell the dust from the San Bernardino California climate, as I look over towards the front of the complex searching for the office of No Limit Engineering.